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Duke Cannon Tea Tree News Anchor Hair Wash
The Pulitzer Prize for Hair is not a thing, but if it were, you'd be looking at it right now. Duke Cannon's News Anchor 2-in-1 Hair Wash is formulated ...
Tea Tree News Anchor Hair Wash
Duke Cannon News Anchor Hair Pomade
Your dad never talked to you about hair styling, but be damn sure he used a decent pomade. After all, a man’s hair is a weapon and no hair commands mo ...
News Anchor Hair Pomade
Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Bergamot & Black Pepper Natural Charcoal Deodorant
No one needs to smell how hard you work. Duke Cannon's new Natural Charcoal Deodorants ensure that never happens.

Duke Cannon's Trench Warfare Nat ...
Trench Warfare Bergamot & Black Pepper Natural Charcoal Deodorant
Duke Cannon Working Man's Face Wash
One hard-working, scurvy-fighting son of a gun!

While you're hard at work, dirt and grime flock to your face like hipsters to a vegan coffee shop w ...
Working Man's Face Wash
Sphynx 3-in-1 Portable Razor
Niven Morgan Mint Lip Balm
Renew, hydrate and soothe your lips. Contains no mineral oil or petrolatum.

Paraben free
No Animal Testing

0.15 oz. ...
Mint Lip Balm
Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Sandalwood & Amber Natural Charcoal Deodorant
Let's dispense with the the typical flowery romance language most brands use to sell their wares and just cut to the chase: this product works harder ...
Trench Warfare Sandalwood & Amber Natural Charcoal Deodorant
Duke Cannon After-Shave Balm
Any time a man wipes sharpened steel across his face, there is bound to be some damage. Find relief from that scorched earth feeling by going from hot ...
After-Shave Balm
SmartyPits Deodorant
Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard Oil
The decision to cultivate a world champion beard can never be taken lightly. A firm commitment to proper care and maintenance is a must. Do what needs ...
Big Bourbon Beard Oil
Duke Cannon Superior Grade Shave Cream
If left untouched for three days, Duke Cannon's beard would grow a beard. Therefore, he needs a shaving product that will clean him up without the bur ...
Superior Grade Shave Cream
Duke Cannon Hot Shave
Master barbers know that the perfect shave starts with a little heat. Duke Cannon’s Hot Shave is a clear shaving gel with a unique warming sensation t ...
Hot Shave
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